Forest Showcase Pasty Competition

Can you make the tastiest Forest of Dean Pasty?

The pasty became popular with miners in Cornwall, where it was adopted due to its unique shape, forming a complete meal that could be carried easily and eaten without cutlery. In a mine, the pasty’s dense, folded pastry could stay warm for several hours, and if it did get cold, it could easily be warmed on a shovel over a candle.

Side-crimped pasties gave rise to the suggestion that the miner might have eaten the pasty holding the thick edge of pastry, which was later discarded, thereby ensuring that his dirty fingers did not touch food or his mouth. However, many old photographs show that pasties were wrapped in bags made of paper or muslin and were eaten from end to end. Another theory suggests that pasties were marked at one end with an initial and then eaten from the other end so that if not finished in one go, they could easily be reclaimed by their owners.

We have not found evidence of The Forest of Dean Freeminers eating pasties, but we would like you to create your own Forest of Dean Pasty & enter our competition!.

Competition Guidelines

Pastries can contain any edible savoury ingredients. 

We are looking for recipes that feature and highlight ingredients sourced in the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley. 

When registering for the competition please supply a brief description of the pasty ingredients in no more than 20 words.

Savoury Pastries – 16 and over

This category is open to people aged 16 and over on the date of the competition (3rd October 2021) who do not work as a professional baker or cook.

These pastries can contain a non-traditional combination of edible savoury ingredients

Savoury Pastries- Junior (15 and under)

This category is open for people aged 15 and under on the date of the competition (3rd October 2021) whose pastries contain a non-traditional combination of edible savoury ingredients.

Please provide name and contact details of the adult, aged 18 or over, who will be supporting your entry.


  • Register your entry online below.
  • Make two pastries (one will be  judged and one will be put on display on the day in the Cookery Theatre)
  • Bake two pastries (one will be  judged and one will be put on display)
  • IMPORTANT: Keep your pastries chilled under 8 degrees Celsius
  • Bring your chilled pastries to the Cookery Theatre on Sunday 3rd October 2021 before 12pm.
  • Please bake your pastries the evening before and refrigerate overnight and transport them in a cool container to the event.
  • We will not accept entries that arrive after 12pm.


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