Liz Knight

Forage Fine Foods is run by Liz Knight from her kitchen in rural Herefordshire. Liz is a forager who teaches wild cookery courses, writes and makes a range of wild/botanical flavourings. Liz grew up just outside London and when she was 8, passed Cath and Vic’s house. Vic gave her a biscuit and Cath showed her a greenhouse full of cherry tomatoes, fuchsias and mind-your-own-business. From the day she met Cath and ate a plump fuchsia berry squashed into the flesh of a cherry tomato, life was never quite the same again.

Liz spent her early 20s wearing a badly fitted suit working in offices devoid of daylight, but then got lucky and spent a few years working in day centres in Monmouthshire. The people there knew food; they taught her how to make butter, what cuts of meat to buy and how to cook it, what leaves to nibble on and and what food should really taste like… Thanks to them, Liz got a fire in her belly about the wild, wonderful food of Britain and that fire turned into Forage. So now when the kids go to school and the porridge is cleaned away, Liz makes her wares… tiny batches of big flavour that capture everything Cath, Vic and all those amazing people in the Day Centres showed me.