The Forester’s Repast @ Aunt Martha’s Tearooms


Celebrating the forthcoming Forest Showcase (Sunday 4 October) and to herald the arrival of our autumn menu Aunt Martha entrusted Chef and his team to create a suitable repast celebrating all things local – Boar, venison & brambles all feature.
So we give you The Forester’s Repast.

A Master Charles’ double barrelled savoury

pulled local wild boar combined with sausage meat form the shell encasing a ‘bullet’ of herb & apple stuffing ‘Scotch Egg’ style

a puff pastry shell containing local venison, sausage meat & cranberries recently arrived from the United States of America.

served with a seasonal salad and our own, ever popular apple salad.

From the hedge row comes your dessert as homemade bramble jam fills your slice of ‘Bramber- Jamber’ Roll served with homemade vanilla custard.

To toast this delight is the beverage of your choice

Available only during the week commencing 28 September so make your reservation now.

But you ask ‘Why the dog?’

She is Bramble, Aunt Martha’s trusty companion and bramble hunter

Download the menu here