Forest Showcase Food & Drink Festival

5th October 2014 The Speech House Hotel Grounds GL16 7EL 10am – 5pm

ForestpigonlysmalltransWhether you are a serious food fanatic or someone who just appreciates good food and drink there’s more than enough at our showcase to ensure that you, and your friends and family, have a great time. There’s a wonderful festival atmosphere – and you’ll certainly be able to taste the difference.

The Forest Showcase boasts an interesting mix of new food producers plus our regulars, with over 100 stalls,  themed demonstrations, children’s activities and special promotionbuyTicketss.

In an era dominated by supermarkets and multinationals, it is easy to lose touch with where your food comes from and who makes it. This is a chance to celebrate the Forest’s great range of food and drink and the people who produce it who are all part of the lifeblood of the community.

Thank you for a wonderful day at your festival, I particularly admired the children’s workshops. Of course we bought & ate too much food: but who could resist such a spread? Never mind, double exercise and half rations next week!


If you would like to be involved as a trader, a sponsor, an entertainer, a chef or as a volunteer then please do get in touch with us. You can contact us via email contactus@forestshowcase.org

Thank you for helping us to keep it local.

Showcase-JoshTheobold review    dean_forest_bees   Oct 2010 (28)


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