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The Ragtime Jug Orchestra are the authenRJO promo274b1sepiaweb2tic stringband sound of the early 20th century, playing a good-time mix of ragtime, country blues, hokum, skiffle and jug band music. On a plethora of acoustic instrumentation the band perform hits from the levees of St Louis, the Beale Street bars of Memphis, the back hills of Tennessee, the cotton fields of the Mississippi Delta and the sporting houses of New Orleans.  Audience participation is always encouraged 􏰃 the RJO invite the audience to sing along and to join in on the kazoos, jugs and percussion instruments they make available at gigs and can even teach some authentic dance steps.

John Anderson – vocals, 6 & 12 string and National Trojan guitars, banjo, kazoos, jug;

Alan Draisey – vocals, 6 & 12 string and Dobro guitars, mandolin, ukulele, bass, harmonica, kazoo, washboard and percussion.

2pm Joey The Crow 

Joey the Crow are a 4 piece band based in Herefordshire. playing their own unique style of Southern rock, Country, Blue Grass and much more.

Crazy Johnny CrowIMG_20180520_163746
Started life as a beetroot farmer but when the crop failed he joined a local circus riding a unicycle but after an unfortunate accident took up playing the fiddle.
Wizzle Drizzle
Stumbled at his first job as an auctioneer so became a ventriloquist but the dummy bit his ear so he couldn’t stick his finger in it to play folk music anymore so became a country singer instead. 
Cooking Fat
One time Chinese chef but got the sack when a customer ordered a No59 and a double decker bus appeared so he decided to become a drummer instead.
Andy Rest
Bass Guitar
Kebabs are his thing but after trying to grow his own unsuccessfully he took a course on basic plumbing and home dentistry before resorting to playing the bass.