Top Ten Free-From Food Producers

We’re only a day away from Forest Showcase 2019! Coming up tomorrow and trying to stick to a vegan or coeliac diet, or just wanting to try different options? Here’s a selection of our producers that may be able to help you out…

            Lottie’s Vegan Bakery, as the name suggests, are a local bakery dedicated to offering vegan options. From shortbreads and rocky road to muffins and cheesecakes, they’ll make sure no vegan has to miss out on picking up some delicious homemade treats this weekend.

            This year we’re lucky enough to have two specialist bakeries! Hinton’s Bakehouse offer both vegan and gluten free options, focussing more on the savoury with their (vegan) pies and sausage rolls, alongside the usual cakes and traybakes. 

            Mycocoa know that being without dairy usually means having to walk past all the amazing chocolate stands, so they’ve created an exciting new vegan chocolate range. 

            Pine Nut Path are promising to ‘surprise your palates’ with their assortment of creation fine foods. Their vegan options include sugarless jams and specialist cooking ingredients. 

            Rain or shine, Kelsmor are always at the festival with their ice creams and freshly made milkshakes. You don’t have to miss out if you’re avoiding dairy though, as they’re bringing their non-dairy fruit ices and sorbets as an alternative.

            For lunch, a few of our street food providers are also catering for free-from diets. Mad Mamma’s Mexican Meals serve chillis and wraps, and always have a vegetarian option. But most importantly, they’re bringing vegan cheese and chipotle mayonnaise for the non-dairy among you, alongside gluten-free tortillas.

            For another lunch option, Parson’s Nose are a good option. They’re known for their sausages – sorry vegetarians and vegans – and for the coeliacs, they’re bringing their gluten free version. 

            If your fancying a sweet treat (or the kids are), then you can find Churros Ole outside. They’re vegetarian if served with the chocolate dip, but vegan if you go for the cinnamon option. 

            To take home for your dinner, Plenty Pies have an award-winning assortment of pies – with some unusual combinations! Among their flavours are some vegetarian and vegan options, so worth checking out to prepare for your meals in the week ahead. 

            To drink, you can’t always guarantee alcoholic beverages to be vegan and gluten free. If that’s what you’re looking for then find VQ in the food-hall, who promise their wines to be ok for everyone. 

These are only a selection of the free-from options we have available, so if what you’re looking for isn’t listed then just ask.

We hope you all have a fun and food-filled day in the Forest!